Farmers Forex free tools help you stay in control of your currency. Easily plan and manage all your currency needs!


Rate Alert

If you would you like to receive an email or text rate alert when your target exchange rate is reached this tool is for you.



View the exchange rate performance and history of any currency over the past day, week, month or year.


Quote Tool

Check the current exchange rate and get your competitive, guaranteed rate before you book your payment or transfer.


Book a forward payment

Are you protected against losses caused by market movement?

Farmers Forex enables you to take control of your foreign currency money transfers and plan ahead for your future currency needs. Think of it as a buy now, pay later kind of agreement where you can secure today's exchange rate, pay a refundable 10% deposit in either currency you're exchanging and settle the remaining balance when you need to complete your international payment.


Whether you need to make a one off payment or multiple bookings, you'll have the advantage of knowing that once you have booked a Forward; your rate is locked in for up to 12 months ahead. This means you'll know exactly the amount of currency you'll get when you need to make your money transfer particularly if you're a business, this will make forecasting a lot simpler!


Auto Pay

You can use our Auto-Pay Service to manage your regular international money transfers. Auto-Pay enables you to have payments sent directly to Farmers Forex which we will convert into your chosen currency and send to your nominated bank account/recipient without you having to do anything.  If you do want to handle your own exchanges we also give you the option of booking the payments yourself when your funds arrive into our account.